Construction Contractor Reviews In Wooster, Oh

Prompt, courteous & professional. My inquiry regarding a home inspection 'punch list' on my parents' home was answered within 24-hours. With a deadline of 2-weeks before closing, the list was handled efficiently and was reasonably priced. Thank you!
Dave is the most patient man in the world, he is professional and is working diligently with me to resolve issues with my basement which will require a lot of work. Due to circumstances beyond my control, I cannot have the job that needs to be done completed and he has been understanding as to why. He has come in and completed a stabilization to my basement wall and I am much more comfortable with the condition of the basement until the matters can be resolved. His work and professionalism is top notch and I have no doubt that when the time comes and the job can be completed he will finish it with the expertise that he has shown thus far. His diligence and his continuing concern for my home tells me that he truly cares and that his company is not just another company trying to sell me short. If you are looking for quality work that will last, contact Dave at Job Masters. He truly cares and works with you to get the professional job done right the first time!
I received amazing help and work from this company! Nothing but quality and awesome people working to put my problem back to even better than it was! I highly recommend this company! You will get good quality, good durability, and awesome customer service!!
I want to thank Job Master Services for doing what I think was a amazing job on replacing our hot water tank. Removing a 20 year old or older 28 gallon tank and upgrading it to a bigger 40 gallon tank was no easy task. Complete with a new subfloor and plumbing modifications. He even swept our bathroom floor on his hands and knees with a shop vac even after I insisted I would clean up. For anyone who knows me I do not rave about things but to me this was amazing and blew all expectations I had out the window. Thank you Dave and Justin.
I was very satisfied with the work job masters did on my roof